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A Shadowrun podcast doing round-table discussion about everyone's favorite fusion of cyberpunk and fantasy. Every episode we have a guest or two join us from the wide world of Shadowrun content creation. Freelance writers, other podcasters, or maybe ever Catalyst Game Labs people themselves. We stream it live! You can listen later, or join us while we record!
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May 6, 2017

Time to answer all the questions you've got burning a hole in your brain! We were joined by Cliff Wright (aka: Mr. Johnson) of The Arcology Podcast. It was a blast! We even had some heated debate. 

Chit-Chat / Catching Up

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  • BOBBY - Star Wars Day, I want a new intro, Fallout 4 Survival Mode

News / Stuff

  • A new Earthdawn actual play - Legends of Earthdawn
  • Live show from Origins!
  • Forbidden Arcana is out!


  • Sparkles (Patron) - For Mr. J and other GMs - When creating content for you campaigns, do you find it more interesting to use character backgrounds, contacts, qualities as source material to drive the direction or do you prefer to drive the campaign thru your own/published content?
    • Player content followed by cannon then my own. Player content makes it easier to get the players invested in the story. Canon material is fun to use as then players can relate when it shows up elsewhere like podcasts, missions...Using my own content can be fun but too often it results in the Ikea Effect (we overvalue things because they are ours versus their inherent value). When I do use my own I try always let the players give me an indication of what they like then will often give creative license to them.
  • Chris Vandergriff (Patron) - Can you do a show on how to use Shadowrun in the wild? The adjustments needed from urban to rural knowledge skills. New contacts available, or new uses for old contacts. The shows favorite or most desired Howling Shadows menace to use.
    • Bobby can we please? I think we can put this on our topics list. Howling Shadows is one of my favorite books and I’ve a wide range of jobs from trips into Eden, Ecuador in Amazon, divind underwater in Aquacology, and sinking a ship with whales & sea lions
  • Keith King (Patron) - Seeing I am now bloody famous (for getting a mention on this podcast), I thought I'd try again. Booby your complex action podcast (which are dead set awesome by the way virtual high-five for Cliff as well) on Matrix Perception really put the Razorcat amongst the phoenician birds for my group. Mostly because we (that’s is to say “I”) was doing it wrong.
    So now to my question. When you search for hidden icons (unopposed matrix perception test) and you get at least one success. Do you a) get a list of hidden icons (like searching for wifi on your phone) so you effectively know how many hidden icons there are or b) Just get the knowledge that there are hidden icons.  
    I understand from that point you can start using an opposed matrix perception test (on random hidden icon) to reveal the icon to you. I also get that you can narrow down who you are going to roll against based on something you know about the icon, for example attached to smartlink for guns or is NOT transmitting GPS location to the matrix (mostly to get around the BS pocket full of RFIDs tags trick), but again, would it be like filtering a list in excel and therefore you know how many smartlinked enabled weapons are hidden within 100m of you…
    Hopefully I have made my question clear enough. If not, email me back and I will reword it.  
    Cheers guys and bloody top work again Chummers keep it up. Oh and Cassie my players are going need their rubber lined budgie smugglers for their next run… they are off to the party egg.
    Also I’m Australian if you don’t know what budgie smugglers are.. google it.
    • Your 1 hit on Matrix Perception would get you more of the list of hidden icons in area, same host or 100 meters. There can be a LOT of them. Keep in mind door locks, light fixtures, cameras...are all likely to be running silent to reduce the clutter in Matrix in everyone’s AR. Of course there are just persona who don’t want to stand out too.
    • Technically per core you’d have to start picking them out of that list at randomly and doing opposed test on each one to find out more information. This is why you want to know 1 feature of the icon running silent to filter out all the extras. What a ‘feature’ is can be bit of GM interpretation. I let hackers using AR with line of site to device and icons easier because they know what they are looking for.
    • Super excited to hear you’re going to the party egg! Write us back and let me know how it goes. :)
  • @JenT0n1c -
  • Victor Breugemann (Facebook) - Does Daylight Saving Time still exist in the Sixth World?
  • Birtha Ming - What is more viable? Spellcasting or Banishing on high force spirits.
    • Assuming your Banishing & Spellcasting Dice pool are 16 (4 bought hits)
    • Facing a Spirit alone with no other runners to help
    • Spirit Man F10 (Not Bound 3 services) 
      • Lightning: 23 opposing dice pool [14, physical track]
        • 4 hits vs 5 spirit has the advantage on this
      • Powerbolt: 11 opposing dice pool [14, physical track]
        • 4 vs 2  = 7 turns to dissipate
      • Manabolt: 10 opposing dice pool [13, stun track]
        • 4 vs 2  = 7.5  turns to dissipate
      • Banishing: 10 opposing dice pool  [3, services][Free Spirit 10]
        • 4 vs 2 = banished 1.5 turns (5 turns free spirit)
    • Spirit Air F8 (Bound 2 services)Assuming Magic 6 Summoner)
      • Lightning: 20 opposing dice pool [11, physical track]
        • 4 hits vs 5 spirit has the advantage on this
      • Powerbolt: 6 opposing dice pool [11, physical track]
        • 4 hits vs 1 = 3.5 turns to dissipate
      • Manabolt: 8 opposing dice pool [12, stun track]
        • 4 hits vs 2 = 6 turns to dissipate
      • Banishing: 16 opposing dice pool  [2, services]
        • 4 vs 4 so this is toss up on who wins
    • Spirit Fire F6 (Bound 2 services(Assuming Magic 6 Summoner)
      • Lightning: 16 opposing dice pool  [12, physical track]
      • Powerbolt: 7 opposing dice pool [12, physical track]
      • Manabolt: 6 opposing dice pool [11, stun track]
      • Banishing: 12 opposing dice pool  [2, services]
    • Drain is risk being higher on banishing & likely physical.
      • Banishing facing higher dice pool than direct spells but lower thresholds. 
      • Indirect spells face the highest opposing dice pool
    • Conclusion: Banishing is more viable than spellcasting for Summoned & Free Spirits but not for Bound Spirits. 
  • Tavares Maintenance - Thanks Cassie! so the last session I had, my physad used a dmso/Gama-Scopolamine dart to paralyze someone. my DM and I were a both hazy on how to handle that drug interaction. He rolled 3 successes against my drug of 12 power and at first he thought the mark wouldn’t be affected. I thought that because of how the gama reads that the mark would be paralyzed still but the length of the drug would be lessened by 3 successes worth. was I wrong?
    • You are right. Gamascopolmaine has power of 12 and your GM only rolled 3 success. Since the power was not reduced to 0 the drug takes effect. The target will be immediately be paralyzed for about an hour. The description doesn’t say net hits reduces that time but it would be fair for a GM to determine it might. After the ~hour of paralysis wears off then the truth serum part kicks in for another hour. Mechanically their Willpower drops by 3 but can’t go below 1 which is going to hurt their resistance to many social skills like Intimidation or spells like Mind Probe. 
  • j Wrex - you mentioned you're a beer snob... which do you prefer: draft, can, or bottle?
  • Ken Miller - Here is a question....why is it that when catalyst drops new material on the market, people race to buy it, then flame it on the forums but still use it? .?.?.?. Happens every time....
    • Feeding confirmation biases
      • That’s what the internet does……? Sorry I don’t have a better answer. :) It’s a tough circle because we all love dear mother Shadowrun and many of us love our freelancers & content creators step-siblings...Our drunk gluttonous step father Catalyst won’t get off the couch. SO long as Shadowrun & Catalyst are joined by a license we’re in this family.
    • Principle of Charity


NEXT EPISODE: Forbidden Arcana w/ Opti


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