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A Shadowrun podcast doing round-table discussion about everyone's favorite fusion of cyberpunk and fantasy. Every episode we have a guest or two join us from the wide world of Shadowrun content creation. Freelance writers, other podcasters, or maybe ever Catalyst Game Labs people themselves. We stream it live! You can listen later, or join us while we record!
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Sep 24, 2016

Opti of the Neo-Anarchist Podcast joins us on our inaugural episode to talk about... Neo-Anarchy! What else?

Chit-Chat / Catching Up

  • BOBBY - I burned my finger, and my wife got mad at me about it.
    • Eric da’MAJ sent me stuff!
    • What the heck are we doing here?
    • Schedule
      • Every other Thursday at 9pm eastern US (next on Oct 6th)
    • Upcoming guests?


News / Random Stuff



  • Ken Summers - Patreon patron
    • The situation is this. 2 special forces Corporate Elite team members shot Fully Auto into their 6 seater van. Body 16 Armor 12.  They both won had first initiative moves, while 4 players were in the van down a alley while it was raining. The Spec forces were aiming and targeting the Van only.  With all the modifiers fully auto  with  -5 fully auto -2 environmental (rain) with an Ares Alpha. They got 6 hits and 7  hits on van (smart like increased accuracy).  10 bullets each total of 20. Now, our issue was would any of those bullets HIT any of the passengers without being targeted? (FYI the van was not moving it was parked by a loading dock) In the end I made a ruling that everyone can roll Reaction plus Intuition for defense -9 fully auto + 4 full Cover but they would all get the their armor + Body PLUS the armor rating of the Van. Im pretty sure this is WRONG. with the armor penetration rules I clearly seem to be missing something.
        • Your way of doing it a good on the fly option.
      • 1. Will the bullets hit the passengers as well as the targeted van or the van only? If not, are they subjected to being hit while in a van being shot up.
        • Mechanically since the van was the target and not the passengers, the players would not need to make a defense test. Core pg. 205
      • 2. Would I have to use the armor penetration rules  and just lower the DV to the players if they are all hit?
      • 3. What would you do as GMs in this situation faced with this scenario?
        • From the scene you described, I would have had the corp team use Suppressive Fire on Vehicles, Core pg 200.
        • Since the vehicle wasn’t moving there would be no defense test which makes the -9 from a Full Auto unnecessary.  Suppressive fire turn the van into swiss cheese.
          • Roll goon’s suppressive fire, if Vehicle Armor - AP is less than Damage then the players would need to make a defense test. They get Rea + Edge + 4 for Good Cover.
          • Soak: Body + Armor + Vehicle’s armor; they can do a -5 interrupt action of “Hit the Dirt” which gives them Body + Armor + Vehicle’s Armor x2


  • Scott Flowers - Facebook
    • Do shadowrun vampires have shadows/reflections and/or can they be recorded on camera?
      • Vampires in Shadowrun are strain II infected. They have reflections and can be seen on camera. Details can be found in Run Faster pg 140.


  • In the Shadowrun setting are grenades commonly concussive in nature or do they depend on fragmentation/shrapnel to injure? Because per my understanding of the rules, their damage reflects back off of hard surfaces, causing "chunky salsa". But fragments would much more likely embedded in said hard surfaces and only the concussive force would reflect. Is this just something that's hand waived or are frag grenades a thing of the past in the 6th world?
    • Shadowrun has all types of grenades from Flash Bangs to Fragmentation. Fragmentation are certainly more likely to destroy barriers and therefore less likely to do chunky salsa because it is doing more damage to the barrier. To determine how to do this review the Destroying Barriers & Chunky Salsa GM Screen.


  • Kevin - YouTube


  • Are all guns wireless and vulnerable to a decker attack ? Only when wireless etc.
    • Yes. Core pg. 420 almost all devices have a wireless link including your gun. A decker can brick the gun making it unusable. Core pg 421; You can turn the wireless off with a Free Action preventing hacking. 2:00 mark Bricking Gear


Main Topic - Neo-Anarchy

  • What is Neo-Anarchy?
    • Taken from original print copy. Donald Rooum and Freedom Press (ed.). What Is Anarchism? An Introduction. London: Freedom Press, 1995. Link
      • Anarchists believe that the point of society is to widen the choices of individuals. This is the axiom upon which the anarchist case is founded.”
      • “If you were isolated you would still have the human ability to make decisions, but the range of viable decisions would be severely restricted by the environment. Society, however it is organised, gives individuals more opportunities, and anarchists think this is what society is for [...] Anarchists strive for a society which is as efficient as possible, that is a society which provides individuals with the widest possible range of individual choices.”
      • “For dictionary purposes, anarchism may be correctly defined as opposition to government in all its forms. But it would be a mistake to think of anarchism as essentially negative. The opposition to government arises out of a belief about society which is positive.”
      • “The ideal of anarchism is a society in which all individuals can do whatever they choose, except interfere with the ability of other individuals to do what they choose.”
        • My freedom ends where your freedom begins.
    • Is anarchy a practical goal? Is it really even obtainable?
    • Devil’s advocate… So if everyone could just choose what to do totally freely… why would anyone join the army? Civil service? Janitorial work? Etc…
  • Neo-Anarchy in Shadowrun
    • Also, how is NEO-anarchism different from Anarchism?
    • Historically, where has Neo-Anarchy “lived” in the SR universe?
  • How to return to a focus on Neo-A?


Guest Q&A


  • Freeshadow42 - Reddit


  • You've recently been talking about how the hope of the setting in current SR overplots has seemed absent and that you hope to restore that voice, if only as a freelancer doing freelancer things. Do your plans to try to do that ONLY include Neo-Anarchy as an answer, or are there other plans in the works? And if you can (I know how NDAs work) could you please elaborate on those plans, if not, I understand. Thanks to both you and Bobbie (and all the other Shadowcasters out there) for keeping the fans connected and informed!


  • @KtownPatriot


  • Now that you've been a Shadowrun freelancer for about a year, when should we expect your first novel? What would it be about?


  • Alex H ( @li4ck )


  • What is your favorite non-soy ice cream flavor?


  • Ozzcore - Reddit


  • As we approach the release date to SR Anarchy, what are notable changes made to the prototype based off of feedback received?




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  • Go buy the SR Tarot Anthology
  • Check out the podcast, Neo-Anarchist Podcast -


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From me, Cassie, and our lovely guest… Bye!